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These are some of  our most frequently asked questions.

What equipment do we need to buy?

How easy is it to set up in school?

What costs are involved?

Do you encourage customer feedback?

Where are the sessions held?

Are there restrictions on numbers?

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Q: What equipment do we need to buy?


A: Absolutely nothing. Bowstrings Archery provides everything sourced from Quicks of Waterlooville. None of the equipment provided are toys and are all made to exacting British and European Standards.


Q: How easy is it to set up in school?


A: Very easy. All equipment is brought to and taken from site on day of visit. 10-15mins prep time max. Only requirement for indoor range is one off positioning of two hooks for backstop netting which we provide (easily removed afterwards if not required again). Targets are foam not straw as kinder to arrows, children and instructors! Bows and arrows are measured for each individual child to prevent muscle strain etc.


Q: What costs are involved?


A: No hidden costs. Prices are based on 'per head' for sessions and a fixed fee or profit sharing for fund raising/'Have-a-go'. Within 10 miles of Chichester no travel expenses; a small fee to cover diesel over 10 miles.


Q: Do you encourage customer feedback?


A: Bowstrings Archery positively encourages customer feedback. We like to know we're doing things right and welcome suggestions to make us even better!


Q: Where are the sessions held?


A: Weddings and parties can be inside or outdoors. For those shooting we have a strong shelter for protection from the weather, be it rain or sun, and backstop netting to restrict arrow flight! 20m distance would be ideal but not essential. For schools outside ranges can be set up on school field or indoors in a school hall subject to site and risk assessment beforehand. Outside can be restrictive in winter due to weather and others using the field for alternative sports. Safety netting for use indoors and very low poundage bows eliminate almost all risk of damage to property.  Full insurance is carried by Bowstrings Archery.


Q: Are there restrictions on numbers?


A: Yes. Minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 for school sessions. Parties and fund raising have no limit.

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